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Are Your Prospects Becoming "Tone-Deaf" To Your e-Mail Marketing Campaigns? 

Ask yourself this: Are my e-mail subscribers becoming tone deaf to our e-mail marketing campaigns (meaning low open and click-through rates)? If they are, then you need to learn more about our Drip Marketing System 2.0 - a marketing system designed exclusively for a Dale Carnegie franchise owner.  Not only does it contain scores of professionally written e-mail marketing campaigns, but we can also provide content for your LinkedIn account.  More importantly, this money-making system can be up-and-running at your franchise (and producing results) in 24-hours or less.

Professional Training Industry e-Newsletter Plus Package

The days of telling a prospect you have great trainers and classes is no longer a differentiating factor to winning a new training client. In today's super-competitive training industry,  standing apart from the competition isn't easy.  That's where we come in.

Our e-Newsletter Plus Package is loaded with scores of marketing campaigns and blog content to help your training company increase its sales. Specifically:

  • Generate more client referrals. 
  • Stay top-of-mind with your database of clients and prospects.
  • Help you win more business by standing out from the crowded marketplace.

Here's What You Get

You'll receive everything your training company needs to maximize its online marketing efforts for a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself.  Plus, our e-Newsletter Plus Package will provide you with tons of great value:

  • Custom designed:
    • e-Newsletters
    • Class spotlight campaigns
    • Trainer spotlight campaigns
    • Sales letters for prospects and past graduates/clients
    • Holiday cards
    • Customer surveys
    • Press releases for new hires, upgraded website and more
  • Free business card scanner.
  • Automatic formatting of e-mails for smartphone and desktops.
  • Automatic scheduling of your e-mail campaigns.
  • e-Mail results sent directly to your inbox.
  • A dedicated Marketing Advisor to manage your account.

Custom Content Strategy

To help you say the right things at the right time, we have a team of experts whose only job is to create content for your training business.  Not only that, we'll also provide you with 8-pages of proven follow-up tools and how-to guides. 

Custom Press Releases

Our line of customized press releases, e.g., new salesperson, new website, etc., are designed to help shake the "prospect tree" - campaigns that will get you noticed and stay noticed!

Prospecting Sales Letters & Client Success Campaigns

We can offer you a number of sales letters to interrupt and engage your database of business prospects.  No matter who your target audience is, we have the content to get you noticed and stay noticed.  

LinkedIn Posting Service

Our LinkedIn Posting Service will automatically post employee-engagement content, HR-tips and training articles to your LinkedIn account (which will help your website's SEO ranking too).

Custom Client Survey

We will create a custom client survey for your business to help quantify your client relationships, generate a referral, and gauge someone's interest in another service you can provide.

Blog Content Service

Our Blog Content Service will provide you with a consistent delivery of training-related articles to post to your company's website.  The content we provide will be formatted and linked to an appropriate page for further reading.  

Open Rate & Reader Engagement Reports (Via Excel)

You'll have the ability to manage your e-mail marketing efforts in real-time via a personal dashboard.  More importantly, you will get to see who opened each e-mail campaign, what hyperlinks they clicked, and what time each campaign was opened. 

Your back-end reports range from:

  • Open and click-through rates in real-time.
  • Most engaged subject line.
  • Ability to create an instant list of “did not open” subscribers to increase reader engagement.
  • Ability to download a list of e-mail addresses/contacts for post-campaign follow-up
  • Free sales scripts to help augment your follow-up efforts.
  • Smartphone/mobile device versus desktop open rate.
  • Results can be sorted by open rate, date sent, total sent, click through rate, bounce rate or unsubscribe rate.
  • To learn more about your options and pricing, contact us right now.

You Even Receive A Free Smartphone App

Our smartphone app gives you the ability to call a hot prospect or client right from your smartphone; plus, you will be able to:

  • Read the time and date each e-mail has been opened.
  • Find someone's address, phone number, website, and e-mail address.
  • Call a hot prospect or client right from your phone (this is such a cool feature we had to say it twice).

Schedule Your Free 10 Minute Demo!

Our e-mail marketing warehouse is loaded with 250+ campaigns money-making campaign; content designed exclusively for the training industry.  More importantly, we have the vision and team to deliver engaging marketing campaigns on a consistent schedule. 

To learn more about our money-making system, click the link below to schedule a free demo.

If you would like a free demo of our marketing system, or you would like more information about our industry solution packages, please send us your name and contact information.
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