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Just Read What Some Of Our Clients Are Saying. . .

"Drip Marketing, Inc. helped us directly close 21 enrollments in our Business Immersion program from one account alone that resulted in $29,000. Plus, their tools helped us showcase our competitive advantage that resulted in a $32,000 deal."  Anita Zinsmeister, Owner of a Dale Carnegie Training Franchise


"Drip Marketing, Inc's three-touch e-mail marketing plan helped us generate more than $21,000 in sales for a one-day seminar. As always, thank you for your help in making us money."  Tyler Winner, Owner of a Dale Carnegie Training Franchise


"I was able to stop purchasing leads from other lead services with the amount of return and referral business that your marketing allowed me to generate.  Thanks for all your help and keeping my image fresh and new at all times."  Jeremiah Phillips - AnnieMac Home Mortgage

"By using Drip Marketing, Inc. we were able to land four new payroll clients that will represent more than $222,000 in revenue to my company.  Without their services and marketing expertise, we would not have landed them.  I would recommend to not only explore what they do, but also to hire them immediately."  Carl Fischer - Owner, Accurate Data Payroll


"After sending out our first campaign that Drip Marketing, Inc. created for us, we received three direct phone calls and immediately closed one new deal and most likely the two others as well.  More importantly, the return-on-investment from this ONE e-mail was close to 600% in the first seven days" David G. Hanna, Managing Member, Paystubz


"We hired Drip Marketing, Inc. to get us noticed in the marketplace; it is doing just that.  In addition, your insight into sales training, database development, graphic design and copy writing is the perfect compliment for my sales team." Bob Dickson, Owner of a Dale Carnegie Training Franchise


"Glenn, your sales training classes has given me great content and the right sales language to help me sell more training -- great stuff."  Lisa Gangemi, Sales Consultant of a Dale Carnegie Training Franchise


"We just picked up a weekly payroll from using your drip marketing system.  They were with ADP and the owner said to his bookkeeper 'Call this lady she's always sending me stuff.'  This account is going to be worth about $3,500 per year to our company."  Leslie Ruhland, Owner of Accuchex.


"Since starting with Drip Marketing, Inc. we invested $3,822 on our drip marketing campaigns and received $12,595 in first year sales -- clients that will generate more than $88,000 in revenue for us over the next seven years!" Joe Sharpe - Owner, Sharp Payroll

"Your Drip Marketing System is brilliant!"  Danny Kline, VP of Payday Payroll Services